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==Agendas== ==Agendas==
-*{{pdf|4.10.12.pdf|Committee Meeting Agenda-4/10/12.pdf}}+*{{pdf|SW&WW-4.17.12.pdf|Special Meeting of the Storm Water & Wastewater Committee Agenda-4/17/12.pdf}}
-*{{pdf|4.11.12.pdf|Zoning Ordinance Review Committee Meeting Agenda-4/11/12.pdf}}+*{{pdf|4.17.12.pdf|Board Meeting Agenda-4/17/12.pdf}}
-*{{pdf|4.12.12.pdf|Planning Commission Meeting Agenda-4/12/12.pdf}}+

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  • Meetings are held at the Village of Sturtevant Municipal Building located at 2801 89th Street. Residents of Sturtevant are encouraged to attend. For more information please contact the Village Clerk - 262-886-7201.



Village Board Committee Meetings

  • 2nd & 4th Tuesday of every month starting at 6:00PM

This meeting concerns all the residents of Sturtevant and gives them an opportunity to become involved in their community. These meetings review, approve, or deny all the issues concerning Sturtevant. Check it out!

Meeting Cancellations & Meeting Date Changes

  • None at this time

Design Review Committee Meeting

  • Every Wednesday from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM

The Design Review Committee is a staff level meeting that has been established on a first come first served basis. The Committee is made up of the Village Administrator, Village Engineer, Building Inspector, Director of Public Safety and other consultants that may be employed by the Village. This review is recommended for exploratory purposes, before investing in extensive design work, when planning to build or alter existing property(s).

Planning Commission Meetings

  • The 2nd Thursday of the Month, April 12, 2012
  • Submission Deadline is March 28, 2012

After applicants have attended a DRC Meeting and received favorable approval to continue with their proposed plan the process requires two presentations to the Planning Commission. The first session will be for Conceptual and Preliminary Approval and then a Final Approval is given before it goes before the Village Board.

Zoning Board of Appeals

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