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Sturtevant Wastewater

Village of Sturtevant Code of Ordinances, Chapter 13, Municipal Utilities


Delinquent Sewer & Water Bills

All unpaid sewer and water bills, including all unpaid penalties and interest that have accrued, must be paid to the Village not later than November 1st or else a 10% penalty will be imposed. All delinquent water and sewer bills, including penalties and interest, that have not been paid by November 15th will become a lien on the respective properties and will be collected via the property tax rolls.

Quarterly Sanitary Sewer Charges

All residents will be billed a flat rate per household per quarter for sanitary sewer service. Sanitary sewer bills should be paid to the Village of Sturtevant. Any sanitary sewer questions or comments should be directed to Charlotte at 262-886-7204.