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2010 Snow Plow

Engineer / Public Works Director

Jeffrey Seitz - 262-886-7202 or 262-886-2862 (at garage)

Public Works Department Overview

The Department of Public Works is responsible for providing a wide range of services for the Village of Sturtevant residents. The department has one (1) department head and four (4) full-time employees. There are seven divisions that the department manages: Storm Water System, Sanitary Sewer System, Parks, Streets and Roadways, Municipal Building Maintenance, Fleet Maintenance, Yardwaste and Bulk Item(s) Pick-Up. The Department performs the operation, maintenance, and repairs as needed for each of these divisions.

In addition, the Department works in conjunction with the Village Engineering firm to provide input to project planning, monitor work progress, and coordinate all village construction projects with village residents and other contractors. The Department is responsible for locating Village owned utilities, performs concrete inspections, and manages the Village Sidewalk Replacement program.

Village of Sturtevant Yard Waste & Recycling Center

  • Yard Waste and Recycling Center IS NOW OPEN on Saturdays from 10AM to 2PM.*

Emergency Contact For Sanitary Sewer Back-ups

The emergency contact for the Racine Treatment Plant for sanitary sewer back-ups during non-duty hours is (262) 636-9550.

Tree Information


'Notice - Notice - Notice - Notice'

Please be considerate of your fellow neighbors and residents of Sturtevant this spring and summer.

Take care to prune your trees (7'above sidewalks) and bushes back from the sidewalks.

Keep the Vision Triangle (15') area of corner lots clear - between 3' and 6'.

DO NOT blow the grass or leaves in the street.

  • The above items are listed in the Village of Sturtevant ordinances and enforced with citations.

Sidewalk Repairs

Asphalt Repairs 08.jpg
  • The last day for concrete installation for driveways, curbs, and sidewalks is October 31st. Installation of concrete will resume in April once weather warms up.

  • A permit is required to replace sidewalks. There is no cost for the permit.
  • An inspection is required before sidewalk is poured. Please contact Village Engineer / Public Works Director, Jeff Seitz, at (262) 886-7202 at least 48 hours prior to pouring the concrete.
  • pdf.jpg CLICK HERE FOR 2017 Sidewalk Permit info.jpg

Street Lights

Wisconsin's Electronics Recycling Law