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     The Village has just hired a part-time Property Grounds employee to help enforce the Village ordinances that are in place, and in turn, help beautify the Village. 
     I send out a simple reminder to make sure your grass and weeds are being cut and trimmed during the summer months, and the snow and ice is removed from your sidewalks in the winter months. Also a reminder; trailers, boats, campers and dual axle trucks, should not be parked on the roads. If you need to have your trailer on the road, you will need to have it connected to a licensed vehicle. 

     I hope you enjoyed your summer. The holidays are right around the corner. 

~President Jayme Hoffman

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Latest News
  1. 14 Mar
    CDA Meeting
    The CDA Meeting will take place at Sturtevant Village Hall at 5pm
  2. 14 Mar
    Parks, Events, Beautification Committee
    Pancake Breakfast and Memorial Day Parade Planning at J.Q. Foxes from 6pm to 7pm
  3. 22 Mar
    On a Whim Art Class
    Mosaic Class
  4. 31 Mar
    Pancake Breakfast
    Pancake Breakfast from 8am to 10am
  5. 12 Apr
    On a Whim Art Class
    Art Class
  6. 26 Apr
    On a Whim Art Class
    On a Whim Art Class