Halloween Safety Tips

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Halloween in Sturtevant is a fun time for kids, but it is also an important time to be extra vigilant for possible safety hazards so that your children have a fun and safe Halloween. Trick or Treat hours: Thursday, October 31st - 5-7PM. A costume contest and bonfire at Fireman's Park will follow at 7:30PM

  • Some tips to make this year's Halloween safe include:
    • Choose a costume made of flame retardant material
    • Costumes should be short so that they don't cause your child to trip and fall
    • For good visibility, add some reflective tape to the costume or bag used to carry candy or choose a costume made of bright material that is visible in the dark
    • Masks should fit securely to allow your child to see well by not hindering visibility
  • Trick or Treating safety
    • Children should be well supervised by an adult when trick or treating
    • Older children should trick or treat in large groups in well known neighborhoods
    • Carry a flashlight
    • Stick to well-lit houses in familiar neighborhoods
    • Follow traffic signals and rules of the road
    • Instruct your children to bring ALL candy home before eating it so that you can carefully inspect it for tampering
    • Tell children not to accept, and not to eat anything that isn't commercially wrapped
  • General Safety Tips
    • Residents should prepare their home for trick or treaters by removing obstacles from their front yard, restraining dogs and other animals, and turning on the exterior house light
    • If going to an adult Halloween party, make sure that you don't drink and drive. Use a designated drive if alcohol is consumed.